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Management Advisory

Our Corporate Finance team has a strong track record in providing strategic and tactical guidance to management personnel aspiring to acquire equity in businesses they actively manage. With extensive experience in facilitating over 100 Management Buyouts (MBOs), we have established ourselves as trusted advisors in this field.

Through our well-established relationships within the banking and private equity communities, we have the ability to swiftly assess the feasibility of an MBO, and can provide clear guidance on the optimal path to complete a transaction. Our primary objective is to position the management team in the best possible manner, ensuring they have a strong start, and increasing the probability of achieving commercial success during the post-buyout phase, ultimately leading to the realisation of significant personal wealth.

By leveraging our network and expertise, we aim to maximise the chances of a successful acquisition, and empower the management team to capitalise on the opportunities that lie ahead. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive support throughout the MBO process, enabling the team to navigate complexities and secure a prosperous future for the acquired business.

Our recent MBO Deals