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Buy Side Lead Advisory (Business Acquisitions)

We support both institutional investors and corporate clients, to strategically navigate and execute selective acquisitions on the best possible terms for our clients.

Whether a platform investment for a private equity house or an acquisition for a corporate client we realise how important these transactions are and manage the process every step of the way so that our clients can focus on the integration and optimisation of the target post completion. Through extensive experience working with clients, we know that these shortcomings often stem from the same key risk factors, including:

  • Overpriced deals: The acquisition price required / paid may be inflated, leading to difficulties achieving the desired level of return on investment
  • Unrealistic expectations: The expected commercial benefits of the acquisition are often overestimated, resulting in misalignment between anticipated outcomes and actual results
  • Insufficient financial flexibility: Inadequate provisions for potential financial stress can hinder the successful integration and performance of the acquired entity

However, with a keen and very early focus on mitigating these potential risks, we not only strive to achieve the best possible deal terms but also a successful outcome for our clients following completion of the transaction. By carefully assessing acquisition opportunities, we aim to ensure that our clients can make the right, informed decisions, in order to optimise their chances of achieving their longer term goals.

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