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Leaders with Ambition – with Brad McAvoy

24 October 2023

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In the latest episode of the Leaders with Ambition podcast, you'll learn about Brad McAvoy, Partner in James Cowper Kreston's award-winning M&A transaction services team and his fascinating career journey with Host, Nicky Acuna Ocana.

The podcast covers how Brad's trajectory hasn’t always been straight ahead, and how he was never taken off course toward his goal to make Partner at an accounting and advisory firm. Brad walks us through his early professional development, including transformational stints in Guernsey and Hong Kong (where he started his family and earned an MBA that has paid both professional and personal dividends).

We learn about the corporate culture and post-pandemic workplace landscape at James Cowper Kreston, and how Brad has grown his network in the UK.

This lively conversation underscores the power of taking risks, the value in making mistakes and the importance of seeking – and providing – mentorship for ongoing growth. The episode wraps up with compelling Words of Wisdom and Brad’s forecast for dealmaking over the next year or two. Despite some current bumpiness, there are economic bright spots on the horizon!

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